Michael Bell-Smith
Born 1978, East Corinth, Maine
Lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Birds Over the White House, 2006
Custom software, computer, wood, glass + certificate
Programmed generative algorithm (no fixed duration)
Edition of 3 + 2AP
28 x 32 x 22 inches
Courtesy of the artist and FOXY Productions, New York
© Michael Bell-Smith

Ignasi Aballi

Born 1958, Barcelona, Spain
Lives and works in Barcelona

Inventory (Languages A-Z)
, 2004
Digital print on hung wallpaper
Dimensions variable
Courtesy Estrany-de la Mota Gallery, Barcelona and Galeria Elba Benitez, Madrid
© Ignasi Aballi

David Opdyke
Born 1969, Schenectady, New York
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

It's All About Us, 2005
Ink on paper
36 x 52 inches
Courtesy of the artist
© David Opdyke

Under Control

Exhibition Fact Sheet

Organizer: Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Curators: Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox             

Checklist (click for images)

Global financial intrigues stretching from Little Rock to the Vatican bank, government sponsored spying, corrupt political lobbies, secret societies and, of course, preemptive war.  The news headlines that have intrigued and horrified us of late have become, not surprisingly, inspiration for many contemporary artists worldwide.  Whether exposing the complexity or folly of conspiracy theory, or analyzing money trails and their surprising beneficiaries, all of the artists in this exhibition are essentially questioning control.  Who controls whom?  Who controls what?  Where does it leave the rest of us?

Despite the heavily-politicized subject matter, the exhibition will present an objective point of view on the power of control as a construct within our society.
Under Control will feature approximately 30 works in a variety of media by artists from surprisingly vast geographic locations, all created within the past 10 years.

Proposed artists:

Ignasi Aballi, Michael Bell-Smith, Cliff Evans, Eva Grubinger, Jon Haddock, Jenny Holzer, Rashid Johnson, Jeon Joonho, Sylvan Lionni, Adam McEwen, David Opdyke, Iran do Espirito Santo, Hito Steyerl, Los Torreznos

Major funding provided by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts with additional sponsorship by Office of the Chancellor, U of I; Office of the Provost and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, U of I; Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency; Krannert Art Museum Director's Circle; and Krannert Art Museum Council

Exhibition Details


Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


curatorsquared  (c2 )

c2, a curatorial collaboration between Ginger Duggan and Judy Fox, develops exhibitions of international, cross media contemporary art that explore current issues in culture and design. Together they have organized OVER + OVER: A Passion for Process, Branded and On Display, FACADES and BLOWN AWAY. (Catalogs available upon request.)

Ginger Gregg Duggan is an independent curator and founder of Remote Control Curatorial, LLC. She has held curatorial posts at the Bellevue Art Museum in Seattle and the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale. Recent projects include Fashion: The Greatest Show on Earth, a major multimedia exhibition on fashion shows as performance art, OVER + OVER: A Passion for Process, Branded and On Display, FACADES, and Blown Away. Duggan teaches and writes on contemporary art.

Judith Hoos Fox is currently Visiting Curator at Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion after spending 19 years at the Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College, and holding curatorial positions at the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design; Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; and the Harvard University Art Museums. Her recent projects include the group exhibitions OVER + OVER: A Passion for Process, Pattern Language: Clothing as Communicator, Branded and On Display, FACADES, and Blown Away.


Approximately 30 works

Space requirements:

Approximately 5,000 square feet


A fully-illustrated catalogue will include essays by exhibition curators and guest essayists

Accompanying materials:

Wall text and labels will be provided electronically. Ten copies of the catalogue are included with the fee.


Loan fee of $15,000 for a 10-week booking, plus pro-rated shipping and the purchase of 100 catalogues at 40% off list price


Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion

October 23, 2009 to January 3, 2010

Available to travel thereafter

Kathleen Harleman, Director
217.244.6481, harleman(at)illinois.edu

Working checklist and a disc with images are available on request or click Checklist for images online.