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The Giertz Education Center circulates education materials to schools, libraries, and other community sites. Materials include videos, teacher manuals and touch kits (containing images, background information, and lesson plans), art prints, and art replicas. The Giertz Education Center is dedicated to the integration of art appreciation and art history into instruction of humanities and science at all levels, from pre-school through college.

The Giertz Education Center's catalog is available online through an automated service called SHARE, which allows you to find our resources in your local library catalog in East Central Illinois. Use the following link to place a reserve on items you would like to pick up at the Center or have delivered to your local library.

Search SHARE

Please note: Art replicas must be requested directly from the Center staff. All users are asked to establish a new borrowers' account with the Center.

For more information, contact the Giertz Education Center at (217) 333-8218 or inquire through our website.

Giertz Education Center Hours

September through May
Monday through Friday · 12–5 pm
Thursday · open late until 7 pm

June through August
The Education Center will be accessible by appointment only.
Click for more information or call the center at 217-333-8218.

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