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The Krannert Art Museum–Week at the Museum (KAM–WAM) programs give elementary school classes the opportunity to attend school at the museum for an extended amount of time. These collaborative programs focus on integrating the arts into curricular areas with attention to best practices, Common Core standards, and grade-level learning goals. They are unique and constantly evolving educational experiences founded in partnership with community educators who value interactive, non-traditional approaches to teaching curricular areas using art at the museum.

Levels of Engagement

Program Requirements

Application Information/Statement of Intent

Levels of Engagement

Originally, students participating in KAM–WAM spent a “Week at the Museum,” and many students still do. Yet now, the museum offers two levels of engagement, an improvement which allows the museum to work with many schools with varying needs. For planning purposes, the museum requires schools to apply in advance for these partnership programs, outlined below.

1. KAM–WAM: Krannert Art Museum–Week at the Museum (Grades 3 and up)
Students and teachers spend five full days at the museum. The arts-infused, interdisciplinary curriculum connects to the works of art on display at the museum while addressing Common Core standards. The curriculum is co-developed and co-taught by educators from the school and KAM.

One Professional Development Day
The teaching team from the participating school is excused from teaching for one day of professional development so that they can meet with KAM educators and prepare for the week of instruction. This professional development day has been approved by both the Champaign and Urbana School districts.

One Orientation Presentation
A KAM educator will lead an introductory lesson at the school for each participating classroom.

Students and teachers spend five days at Krannert Art Museum.

Learn How to Apply for KAM–WAM

2. KAM–BAM: One day at the museum
This option is less intensive, but still provides an engaging Common Core standards-based museum experience for the students.

One Orientation Presentation
A KAM educator will lead an introductory lesson at the school for each participating classroom.

Students and teachers spend one day at Krannert Art Museum.

Learn How to Apply for KAM–BAM

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Program Requirements

Number of Students
A maximum of 50 students (two classrooms) can be at KAM at one time, and participating classes do not all need to be at the same grade level. All students from the selected classrooms must be given the opportunity to participate. In other words, students from several classrooms cannot be selected based on behavior to make up a group of 50 students.

Teacher Teams
It is essential for all members to want to be part of the teaching team and to value the experience they are creating for their students. For 50 students, the museum requests to work with a team of five teachers from the school. In addition to the classroom teachers, participating schools must send teachers and support staff to meet the needs of all students. There are no other set rules as to who must be on the team. As stated previously, the participating classrooms do not need to be at the same grade level; it is more important to have a team willing to work together and with museum educators.

The teachers who are often part of the team are:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Art teacher
  • Music teacher
  • Literacy specialist
  • Enrichment teacher
  • Instructional coach

Art Teachers
Due to museum accreditation requirements, studio space will not be available on site at KAM. All art activities and materials must be dry and approved by KAM educators ahead of time.

Participation in Research
All schools partnering with KAM will be asked to participate in the museum's research efforts to evaluate the KAM–WAM programs.

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Applications, Teacher Statements & School Support Letters
Academic Year 2016–2017

Application forms are available now and are due May 6, 2016.

In order to assess school commitment to each partnership and to solidify the museum schedule for next year, it is necessary for each school to submit a complete application.

At the time of application, each school is required to:

  • Indicate grade level(s) of participating classrooms and the total number of students
  • Choose a level of engagement (KAM–WAM or KAM–BAM)
  • Identify members of the teaching team
  • Select 3 possible dates from the offered options
  • Provide a brief personal, written statement from each teacher on the team
  • Upload a signed letter of support from the school administrator and participating teachers indicating support for the partnership

Every effort will be made to accommodate schools as long as they assemble a full teaching team as outlined in the Program Requirements section above. Teaching teams will be notified before the beginning of the 2016-17 school year with dates for their KAM–WAM and KAM–BAM programs.

Other Instructions
If a school has more than two classrooms that wish to participate in a partnership, it must submit a separate application for each teaching team. Teachers who are participating with multiple teams (i.e. the art and music teacher) may use the same personal statement for each application.

If a school has four classrooms that would like to participate in KAM–BAM or KAM–WAM, it should submit two statements of intent, breaking the classrooms into pairs and submitting separate statements for each pair.

If a school has three classrooms that would like to participate, and wants to sign up for KAM–BAM, the school can submit two applications—one pair on one date and one single classroom on a different date. Due to the planning and museum resources required for each KAM–WAM, however, the museum cannot offer the program for one classroom at a time. Therefore, a school with three classrooms should submit a KAM–WAM application for one pair of classrooms, then submit separate application for the remaining classroom only after finding a partner classroom from another school to complete the KAM–WAM pair.

Please contact Anne Sautman, Director of Education, with any questions.

Any school can submit statements of intent for one or more KAM–BAM day(s). Krannert Art Museum is excited to work with new schools and will make special efforts to include new schools on its list of partnerships. Schools partnering at the KAM–WAM level may submit a separate application for a KAM–BAM program if they wish to partner at this level with a different teaching team or grade level.

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In the 2016–2017 year, Krannert Art Museum has the capacity to partner with up to four teaching teams for its KAM–WAM programs.

If more than four teaching teams apply for a KAM–WAM partnership, a committee consisting of KAM museum educators and the fine arts coordinators from the Champaign and Urbana school districts will assess the needs of the schools as well as the effectiveness of the team’s past collaborative efforts in order to make a final decision about the partnership.

Please contact Anne Sautman, Director of Education, with any questions.

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Krannert Art Museum–Week at the Museum is sponsored in part by Champaign Unit 4 Schools, Urbana School District #116, the University of Illinois Office of Public Engagement, Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation, Close Friend Foundation, Curtis C. Nash Children's Creativity Fund, Lumpkin Family Foundation, Sandra Casserly, Harold G. and Nancy A. Diamond in memory of Dorothy R. Altman, Kathleen Harleman, Joan and Peter Hood, Krannert Art Museum Council, John and Alice Pfeffer, Brian and Gloria Rainer in memory of Marjorie McFarlane, Katherine Snyder, Robert and Bonnie Switzer, Jean Tello in honor of Suzie Connors, Edward and Nancy Tepper, Virginia B. Webster, Pamela Wells, Paul Wieland in memory of Diane J. Wieland and an Anonymous Memorial Gift

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